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Edit it at Appearance > Widgets > Header > Slider Widget. To change the image, upload an image named "slide1.png" at Media > Add New. Hover here to pause the slider.
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You've just seen the ClickBump Slider Widget

Customize it at "ClickBump > Layout > Slider".

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About the Contact Form 7 Integration

To create the form you see to the right, I placed a “ClickBump Forms” widget over into the sidebar, then replaced the default content with my Contact Form 7 form shortcode.

Here’s what the widget content looks like inside WordPress:

<p class="callout">This form is generated by Contact Form 7. Just drag a C5:LeadGen widget over into the sidebar and place your Contact Form 7 shortcode into it. Check out how I <a href="">customized the form for html5 placeholders</a></p>

And here’s the Contact Form 7 code that created the form:

[text* your-name placeholder "Your name here"]
[email* your-email placeholder "Your best email"]
[text your-phone placeholder "Your best phone #"]
[textarea your-message placeholder "Your message here"]
[submit "Send the Message"]

Of course though, to use the “placeholder” html5 form attribute, you’ll need to customize the Contact 7 Form’s text.php and textarea.php scripts to recognize these new options, or you can download my custom version which already has the bits in place.